Heat wave: a high risk of fire in the south of France


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B.Delombre, France 3 Region, L.Lavieille, N.Dahan – France 2

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Friday, June 17, the scorching heat raise fears of many fires starting as in Marseille, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, where the journalist Noémie Dahan is live.

Heat waves and drought often precede violent fires. In any case, this is what is feared in many heat-stricken places, such as the south-east of France, for example. “The risk of fire is particularly high in the massifs of the south of France, like here in Provence where the drought is getting worse”says journalist Noémie Dahan, live from Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône). As in many cities, temperatures in Marseille will exceed 30°C. Wind and humidity are also aggravating factors.

The drought does not only hit Provence, and the south-west of the country could also see the start of fires accumulate. Bales of straw have already started to burn, charring with them a now unusable agricultural machine. In the Gers, many fields went up in smoke with very hot temperatures and very dry soils. In Ardèche and in Heraultfires have already begun to burn swaths of forest.

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