Heating cost savings through air conditioning

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  • Air conditioning expert Klimeo compares the specific costs of different systems
  • Already possible this winter: save heating costs and reduce natural gas consumption
  • No need to replace existing heating systems

Rising gas costs are currently leaving many owners[1] a gas heater, looking anxiously at the coming winter. One way to heat independently of fossil fuels is to replace the gas heating with an air-water heat pump. However, due to the high demand, delivery times are currently up to 9 months. This makes a quick and short-term exchange impossible. A complete replacement of the heating system is not an attractive solution, especially for owners of modern gas heating systems due to the high costs. A quickly available and efficient alternative to keep heating costs low this winter is the additional use of an air-to-air heat pump – an air conditioning system.

Around 2,700 euros in heating cost savings with an air conditioner

climate, the expert for air conditioning systems, uses a sample calculation to show that the additional use of an air-to-air heat pump in conjunction with an existing gas heating system can save up to 2,700 euros in heating costs per year. Also as a supplement to an oil heating system, an air conditioning system offers an annual cost advantage of approx. 620 euros.

  • For the example calculation, the approximate energy consumption of a four-person household per year was determined – this is around 16,200 kWh[2]
  • Up to 15,400 kWh per year can be taken over by an additionally installed air-air heat pump for heating rooms (substitution potential)
  • According to the current prices (as of September 2022), a comparison was made of what 15,400 kWh would cost for heating rooms with oil, gas and electricity
  • This results in a potential annual heating cost saving of around 2,700 euros in favor of an electricity-driven air-to-air heat pump compared to gas and around 620 euros compared to oil
  • The calculation of the heating cost savings varies depending on factors such as the degree of insulation, your own heating behavior, existing contracts or similar

Heating with air conditioners

Air conditioning systems heat efficiently, especially in the transitional periods. But even in winter, these air-to-air heat pumps can ensure a comfortable indoor climate in conjunction with a gas heater. When heating, air-to-air heat pumps reverse their refrigerant cycle so that thermal energy is extracted from the outside air and released into the interior via the air. The Klimeo experts recommend that the gas heater should only be used on very cold winter days, when outside temperatures are well below -5 °C. In the average winter in Germany, only around 4.9% of the hours during the heating period are below -5 °C.

Additional feel-good climate even in summer

Another clear advantage of air conditioning is that it cools pleasantly in summer. “Especially in view of the rising temperatures in Germany and the associated health problems, the installation of an air-to-air heat pump is definitely a recommendation,” explains Magnus Schmidt, Managing Director of Klimeo GmbH, and adds: “Ideally, this is also done with electricity operated by its own PV system and is therefore a particularly climate-friendly cooling and heating solution.”

The final recommendation of the Klimeo experts: “Investing in an air-to-air heat pump is particularly worthwhile for apartment or house owners who are looking for a cost-saving addition to their existing gas heating system – for an optimal feel-good climate.”

Basis of the sample calculation:

The calculation was based on the following data:

  • 4-person household
  • 4 rooms with approx. 19, 22, 32 and 47 m2 – a total of 120 m² heated area
  • Year of construction between 1990-2000: the house is well insulated but does not have a low energy status
  • Place of residence: Frankfurt am Main – no extreme weather conditions and representative annual mean temperature
  • Modern existing system with a high efficiency of 0.9 in favor of gas
  • Installed air conditioning: Daikin Multi-Split 4MXM80 + FTXM20 + FTXM20 + FTXM35 + FTXM50
  • The costs for hot water treatment are not taken into account and are generated exclusively with the existing system in the case of an air-to-air heat pump
  • Use of the existing fossil heating system at temperatures below -5°C

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[1] People of all genders are always meant; For reasons of easier readability, only the generic masculine is used in the following.

[2] etc https://blog.paradigma.de/heating-waerme-requirements-understand-and-calculate/

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