Heatwave: 26 departments placed on orange vigilance



Heatwave: 26 departments placed on orange vigilance

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Wednesday, August 3, 26 departments are placed in heat wave orange vigilance. We should experience heat peaks at more than 40°C. Stifling temperatures that affect all of France, notably Lyon, in the Rhône, where we find the journalist Manon live Arrives.

Wednesday August 3, a new heat wave hits France as a whole. Live from Lyon (Rhone)journalist Manon Arribe explains that “Temperatures have been hovering around 30°C here in Lyon for weeks, so the people of Lyon prefer to come early in the morning to the banks of the Rhône, to play sports and enjoy the outdoors”. “At 11 a.m., it will already be 30°C, and up to 37°C this afternoon”in Lyon, explains Manon Arribe.

“Elsewhere in France, it will also be very hot since 26 departments are on heat wave orange vigilance, in the east and in the south-west of France. Spikes of 40°C should even be felt in the south of the country. A heat which is coupled with a worrying drought here in Lyon, because in the city, it has not rained for more than a month”concludes Manon Arrives.

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