Heavy snowfall continues: canceled trains and delayed buses in Sörmland

SMHI has issued an orange warning for heavy snowfall in Stockholm County. This is expected to affect several of Mälartåg’s routes in Sörmland during Monday.

Orange warning means that abundant snowfall is expected and can produce large amounts of snow in a short time. The Swedish Transport Administration has asked all train operators in the area to reduce traffic on Monday in order to clear snow and carry out necessary maintenance. For most of Sörmland, however, a yellow warning applies, i.e. occasional snowfall which, among other things, can cause traffic disruptions. This means occasional snowfall which, among other things, can cause traffic disruptions.

Train and bus traffic is affected

The weather is expected to affect train traffic on Monday, with several routes in Sörmland affected. Mälartåg states on its website that it is mainly the routes Stockholm-Eskilstuna, Stockholm-Örebro and Stockholm-Nyköping-Norrköping that are affected, where many departures have been canceled due to the weather. Mälartåg also encourages those who can work from home, as the heavy snowfall can mean very limited access on roads as well as delays and canceled departures in public transport.

They also state that the ticket collaboration between SL Pendeltåg, SJ and Mälartåg applies to the entire traffic day on Monday. This means that you can travel with one train company – even if you have a ticket with another.

Bus traffic is also affected, where many buses are delayed due to limited accessibility, according to Sörmlandstrafiken’s website.

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There have been several traffic accidents in the past 24 hours in connection with the heavy snowfall. One of them happened outside Vagnhärad, where a motorist drove into the center guardrail on Sunday morning. Photo: Pontus Stenberg

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