Heavy transfers and lower salary ceiling: the merits of Vagnati that led to the renewal

In recent days, the renewal of Vagnati’s contract with Turin has been made official: this is why Cairo has decided to confirm the manager

David’s contract renewal Vagnati with Turin, which has been made official in recent days, it has not been welcomed with great enthusiasm by the fans, just take a tour on social networks to realize it. Urban Cairo on the other hand, he had no doubts, despite what happened in July with that dispute between the director and Juric which in a short time went around the world, and decided to offer a contract for another two years in addition to this to his manager.

Cost reduction and better results

To convince Cairo to confirm its manager of the technical area are the objective data of Vagnati’s work, those merits that are certified by the numbers: in the last two years he has been significantly lowered the salary ceiling of the squad without the team being affected in terms of results, so much so that after two salvations grabbed tooth and nail (but also with a good dose of luck) last year Torino returned to the left side of the standings and in this first part of the season the trend is even better. And in this regard, Cairo also particularly appreciated the fact that the balance sheet returned to positiveespecially in a period like this in which the economic crisis has also seriously affected the world of football.

All the “heavy” sales of Vagnati

To lower the salary ceiling in the last year and a half, the director has managed to close several important outgoing operations involving players who were no longer part of the project: Soualiho Meité sold to BenficaDaniel Baselli to the CagliariThomas Rincon at the Sampdoria and then again Armando Izzo to the MonzaSimon greens to the Verona. It is no coincidence that in the press conference last September, in which he commented on the market session that has just ended, he declared: “The operations that have given me the most satisfaction? The transfers of players who were outside our project We often talk about incoming players but it is not easy to place those who are outgoing”. And when he failed to sell the players, Vagnati still managed to find an agreement for the termination of the contract: it happened first with Salvatore Siriguthen with Iago Falque and Simon Zaza.

Urbano Cairo and Davide Vagnati
Urbano Cairo and Davide Vagnati

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