Heim Kino: 007 Special Part 2: Who will be the next Bond? (spoiler-free)

In the second special issue on James Bond (Click here for part 1) we look into the future and clarify who should slip into the role of the special agent sipping martini next. Since Maci is absent due to illness this week, Chris instead discusses with colleague Chris Dörre about the hottest preferred candidates from the Internet and the rumors that a woman could inherit the current Bond Daniel Craig. We also put ourselves in the position of the super spy, criticize his wardrobe and choice of cocktails and put together our dream cast for the next offshoot of the agent franchise.

Would our choice be the sleazy, charming guy we know from the Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan era or a tough pig priest in the tradition of Daniel Craig or Timothy Dalton? Do gender and ethnicity play a role in the casting? Who should sit behind the camera? For example the favorite directors of the internet Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino or rather Bond specialist Martin Campbell (“Goldeneye”, “Casino Royale”). The two Chris (Chrisse? Chrises?) Give their mustard to the suggestions circulating on the net and of course have also brought their own wishes with them.

Our detailed film review of “No Time to Die”

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All topics in sequence # 18-2 – Timecodes:
00:00:00 – Welcome and introduction
00:02:45 – Dörre names his favorite bonds
00:09:30 – The Next Bond Movie: Where Should It Go?
00:14:27 – Tom Hardy and Co .: The hottest Bond candidates
00:32:20 – Is a woman a good idea as Bond?
00:45:20 – Does ethnicity play a role in Bond?
00:48:58 – Small digression: Big complaints about complainers on the Internet
00:52:18 – Dream role – A Chris as Bond
00:57:57 – Jochen Müller – The German James Bond
01:02:33 – Who would we want as James Bond in the next film?
01:21:05 – Our Bond dream cast – Who will fill the rest of the cast?
01:35:13 – Who should direct the next Bond?
01:43:25 – Who should sing the next Bond song?
01:48:32 – Informal chatter and exit

Lashanna Lynch in 'No Time To Die'

Lashanna Lynch in “No Time To Die”

Quelle: Universal Pictures

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