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Whether Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch: The new operating systems macOS 13 Ventura, iOS 16 and watchOS 9 bring a mountain of innovations, Apple is making the devices more and more flexible and clever. To name just a few examples: the customizable lock screen makes the iPhone more personal, and macOS and iPadOS get practical window management with the Stage Manager – Apple is breaking new ground with this on the iPad. The iPhone can also serve as a webcam for the Mac and watchOS 9 scores with fitness and health innovations.

Mac & i details the new features that will soon make Mac, iPhone, and iPad even more useful, including Spotlight, Focus, Siri, Messages, FaceTime, Collaboration and Freeform, Photos, iCloud, Apple Mail, and Notes, and the key improvements to security and data protection.

In addition, after taking a look at the developer documentation and the WWDC sessions, we unearthed important innovations from which not only developers but above all users benefit.

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Many users want to use iCloud less or not at all because Apple stores the data abroad and sometimes does not encrypt it – the important iPhone and iPad backups, for example. On request, Apple even has to transmit them to authorities. A NAS device can replace many iCloud services by backing up files, music collections, videos and much more for all computers in your home instead of foreign service providers.

Our purchase advice presents various NAS systems from 200 to 2000 euros. In 11 tips, we show how to replace iCloud with a NAS, how to back up to it and set up Time Machine backups, make a printer AirPrint-enabled and save Storm. It’s also about exchanging data with friends, activating alternative app sources, version control with Gitea, the media server Jellyfin, virtualization with Docker and password management with Vaultwarden.

Although Apple is taking more and more security precautions, Mac users are not immune to malware and attacks on the Internet. The attacks increase. We show what you can do to prevent it, how malware settles in macOS, how you can track it down and get rid of it again in an emergency.

During the past holiday you recorded many excursion destinations, dozens of sunsets, 5000 photos and videos with your iPhone – and now? Don’t let the beautiful holiday footage, which you ideally filmed with our tips from Part 1 in Mac & i issue 3/2022, gather dust in your cloud! Use 14 tricks from the professional video producer Maria Boger to turn it into an entertaining, exciting or emotional video.

Old games, new luck: Everyone who has ever dealt with retro gaming knows that blocks flickering across the screen are fun. Emulators bring antique home computers, game consoles, and even slot machines to the Mac. With OpenEmu you can emulate popular consoles from Atari 2600 to PlayStation 1, with vAmiga a Commodore Amiga and with VICE a C64. macintosh.js emulates a 68k Mac. Retro expert Christian Rentrop shows step by step how to set up the emulators, where to find games for them and which ones you should definitely try.

For a long time you could learn software development in a playful way with Swift Playgrounds, but you could not develop the code into a finished program. Version 4, released last fall, changes that and brings a self-developed app from the iPad to the App Store. Since version 4.1, Swift Playgrounds also runs on the Mac.

This time, the Developer’s Corner is about text recognition. While Apple’s built-in works well, it requires some manual effort when there are many images or a multi-page PDF. A self-written script can help and can be integrated in many ways.

With the M2, the next generation of Apple silicon is here. The two inexpensive mobile Macs are the first to benefit from the new chips: The MacBook Air comes with a new design and the MacBook Pro 13″ mainly relies on the tried and tested. What can the two notebooks do and how do they differ? This will be clarified in the detailed test from Mac & i. In a background article we also explain which improvements the M2 brings over its predecessor M1 and which details improve the performance.

Whether video chat, meeting or live stream: a webcam is part of the basic equipment and should not be missing from any Mac. There are now not only models with Full HD, but also some with 4K resolution, face recognition and automatic zoom. But do you really need that many pixels? And how do the specialists fare against Apple’s built-in cameras? We compare current models and explain what you should pay attention to when buying and operating a webcam.

Switch electricity outside: Smart outdoor sockets are weather-resistant and control connected devices or lamps via an iPhone app. This worked surprisingly well in the test, and some models also have interesting additional features: Mac & i compares seven weatherproof radio-controlled sockets for the garden and terrace with app control.

If the pain persists, many people first turn to Google for advice. The medical encyclopedia on the Internet is extensive, but the search is not always effective. Free symptom checker apps reach a diagnosis faster in dialogue with the user. We thought four of them were good enough in the test to present them. But we also clarify how you should classify the results.

A good year since the market launch of the sophisticated key finder, Apple has made several adjustments to improve the image of the AirTags. Mac & i summarizes what has happened to the small iPhone accessory in recent months and provides some helpful tips

Apple wants to be completely carbon neutral by 2030. The ambitious goals can only be achieved with recycling and complete material cycles. The group is taking on a pioneering role in the industry and has specialized in the specially developed robot “Daisy” for disassembling and recycling iPhones. Mac & i visited him on site.

Whether Ultra HD Blu-rays, streaming services, TV broadcasts or video games: Dolby Vision is omnipresent. On newer iPhones you can even film in HDR format. It is all the more surprising that not all Dolby Vision content can be displayed on all certified TVs. Our background article explains why.

Autumn, with the market launch of some Apple innovations, is in sight again. Have the iPhone manufacturer’s regular customers already prepared their shopping lists or are they questioning their planned purchases due to the current crises? Our reader survey provides the answers.

As always, the new issue also contains lots of tips and tricks, tests of apps, accessories and games. August 4th is coming Mac & i issue 4/2022 in well-stocked newsagents. You can read it in your browser a day before PDF or prepared for reading iPhone and iPad, Android devices and KindleFire Purchase in Mac & i Apps. subscribers then already hold it in their hands, and Plus subscribers get the paper and the digital edition, which is enriched with bonus material, an interactive reading mode and a search function, among other things.

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