Helene Fischer has almost a million followers – but she only follows one

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From: Judith Braun

Almost a million fans follow Schlager Queen Helene Fischer on Instagram. However, it only follows a single account. © Frederic Kern via www.imago-images.de

Helene Fischer is probably the most popular Schlager singer in Germany. Her Instagram account has almost a million followers. She only follows one.

Munich – Helene Fischer is the most successful musician in Germany and is not only popular with Schlager fans. However, during the corona pandemic, the singer almost disappeared from the screen. Like many other artists, she had to cancel concerts and barely attended any public appearances.

While her colleagues used this time to keep their fans up to date on social media platforms like Instagram, things remained pretty quiet on Helene’s account. In several interviews, the Schlager singer has already admitted that she is not particularly affinity with social media. Due to their popularity and popularity, their account now has almost a million followers. In stark contrast to this is the number of her subscriptions: Helene herself only follows one.

Helene Fischer has almost 1 million followers on Instagram – but she only follows one

Whenever Helene reports on Instagram, she usually informs her fans about tour dates, new music or the release of an album. The Schlager star rarely reveals anything personal or private. Most recently, however, she announced good news there: The 37-year-old is expecting her first child with friend Thomas Seitel. For many, it would therefore be obvious that they should be the only account to follow that of their loved one. As reported by several media outlets, the 36-year-old is said to have withdrawn from social media and deleted his accounts after his relationship with Helene became public.

For example, there would still be the account of her ex-boyfriend Florian Silbereisen. After a 10-year relationship, the former Schlager dream couple separated at the end of 2018. Both still get on well. Silbereisen recently even commented on Helene’s pregnancy and congratulated the future parents. Compared to the hit queen, her ex is at least active on the social media platform.

So Helene could still learn a lot from him – for example, how to shoot a story or use a hashtag – and get inspiration for a successful Instagram appearance, if she followed Florian Silbereisen’s official account. The Schlager presenter even got Instagram tips from DSDS star Pietro Lombardi, as he revealed in an interview. But Helene doesn’t seem to be particularly interested in her ex-boyfriend’s account either. So who was the only one who gave the Schlager Queen a click on the follow button?

Helene Fischer on Instagram: She only follows the account of a Schlager colleague

Music colleague Luis Fonsi can count himself lucky: Because he is the one Helene Fischer follows on Instagram. What an honour! As professional as the Schlager singer is, she likes to separate professional and private life and therefore mainly uses her account for content that affects her as a musician. The 37-year-old recorded a song with Lusi Fonsi. “Vamos a Marte” is the singer’s latest single.

A few weeks ago, Helene ended her corona-related break and resumed her career. With a new album and various appearances on television. At Thomas Gottschalk’s, she recently sat on the “Wetten dass …?” Couch and at “Small versus Big”, according to some viewers, she received special treatment. (jbr)

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