Helene vs. Adele – The super week of super singers

More star power is simply not possible!

It is the summit of the show goddesses: This week two super singers return – with new songs and spectacular performances.

On the one hand: Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer (37). Germany’s greatest artist is celebrating her stage comeback after almost two years: on Saturday (October 17), ZDF will broadcast her music film “Im Rausch der Senses” at 9.45 pm. The new album “Rausch” will be out on Friday (October 15th).

On the same day YOUR new single will be released: Megastar Adele (33) publishes “Easy on Me” – after a six-year music break! In November the new, long-awaited album “30” will finally follow.

Adele with a new look! The singer is completely slimFoto: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

With so much hype, the only question that arises is: Which comeback should music fans look forward to more? BILD lets two of the currently most successful singers compete against each other: Helene vs. Adele!

What is planned?

Most recently, especially during the Corona period, it was quiet about the two stars. Adele’s fans have been waiting for a new album since 2015. Now the time has finally come: after “19”, “21” and “25”, “30” will appear on November 19th. Even if Adele is already 33, the EP took a little longer to complete. The title stayed.

Adele on Instagram: “When I started with ’30’ almost three years ago, I wasn’t as far as I had hoped. In fact, it was the opposite. I rely on routine and consistency to feel safe, I’ve always done that. And yet I threw myself knowingly – even voluntarily – into a labyrinth of absolute confusion and inner turmoil. “

The Londoner brings out the first single “Easy on Me” on Friday. A first piano-heavy clip promises a ballad in the best Adele style. 2022 is also loud „Billboard“ an album tour planned in Las Vegas.

Helene dares to let her “intoxication” run free on the same day. Internationally, Adele should make the running with her single, even Taylor Swift backed down and a few weeks ago postponed the launch of her album “Red – Taylor’s Version” by a week – from November 19th to November 12th.

In Germany, however, it is crystal clear who is storming the charts: There is no getting around Fischer on Friday.

Then on Saturday the superlative replenishment: The music film “Im Rausch der Senses”, an ambitious project and a 60-minute journey through the new album and the soul of the superstar, is shown on ZDF.

“In the intoxication of the senses”: Helene's comeback could be more spectacular than ever

“In the intoxication of the senses”: Helene’s comeback could be more spectacular than everPhoto: ZDF / Sandra Ludewig / Universal Music

Helene may be the figurehead, but big names pull the strings behind the scenes too. It was directed by Russell Thomas, who has worked with U2, Beyoncé and Coldplay. Florian Wieder (53) designed the stage, a star in his field who is known, among other things, for staging the ESC.

Location? The Alte Schildkrötfabrik in Mannheim. There the show was recorded for Helene and her dancers (chief choreographer: Cale Kalay) at the beginning of September.

New look, new life

Everyone knows her, but Helene and Adele are no longer the same. Pop star Fischer has completely changed both internally and visually. Her songs have clear messages, the outfits are more unusual and colorful than ever: sometimes from head to toe in black latex, then elegant in pants and blouse or sexy in tight lingerie. Helene Fischer presents herself in all her fashion facets in her show (and on Instagram)! Maijan Pakan and Olga Hoen are her tailors, Paul Black and Conny Kühn are responsible for the styling.

Latex, light and leather: Helene's appearances are becoming more and more daring

Latex, light and leather: Helene’s appearances are becoming more and more daringPhoto: ZDF / Sandra Ludewig / Universal Music

And she wants to show herself from a completely new side. About her show on Saturday Helene reveals: “I’ve never shown myself so personally. A musical journey that reflects everything that’s going on in me right now. “

With Adele, the transformation was even greater. The singer was a beauty even with curves, but in the past year she underwent a strong visual change. In the end, Adele presented herself to her fans as incredibly slim and was hardly recognizable. According to “The Sun”, she should have lost more than 45 kilograms!

Unrecognizable: Only when she sings again do we want to believe that we are seeing Adele here

Unrecognizable: Only when she sings again do we want to believe that we are seeing Adele herePhoto: Adele/Instagram

And private?

Helene is Germany’s number one. But Fischer is actually Russian, more precisely she was born in 1984 in what was then the Soviet Union – in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk (not to be confused with Krasnodar). Four years later she and her parents moved to the Palatinate.

Aside from music, Helene made headlines with her love for Schlager colleague Florian Silbereisen, the dream couple had been together for ten years before it was all over in 2018. But new luck was waiting for Helene: acrobat Thomas Seitel (36) was already radioing in 2017 when he assisted her in the dizzying live performances.

You climbed lofty heights and are now cloud nine: Helene is together with her stage acrobat Thomas Seitel and are expecting a child together

They climbed lofty heights and are now on cloud nine together: Helene and her stage acrobat Thomas Seitel are a couple and are expecting a child togetherPhoto: Fredrik von Erichsen

After the end with Florian, Seitel not only became Helene’s man on the rope, but also off the stage. And not only that! A baby should now crown her love: Helene is pregnant, in a few weeks she is expecting her first child. The long-standing dream of having your own family will come true. Even the wedding to Thomas could soon follow.

Adele is British through and through. She is even celebrated on the island as a millennial talent. In her private life, the 33-year-old seems overjoyed, with her fresh figure like a new person. In the case of love, however, it didn’t work out quite so well in the end. In 2019, Adele divorced her husband Simon Konecki.

Pain, which she also deals with in her new album. As she writes on Instagram, Adele answers many questions that she was asked after her divorce from her son Angelo (9).

In the meantime, Adele is said to be dating again. In the past few months, she has been seen at the side of US sports agent Rich Paul a number of times.

Their success proves them right …

Spotify: Helene with over 2.6 million monthly listeners, with Adele almost 29 million.

Instagram: 863,000 fans follow Helene, Adele over 41 million.

► MClicked music videos on Youtube: “Breathless through the night” with Helene with 86 million clicks, “Hello” with 2.8 billion with Adele.

Prices: three Bambis, 17 ECHOS, 8 golden hens and much more with Helene – Adele has, among other things, 15 Grammys, an Oscar and a Golden Globe each.

Show and singing

Adele’s greatest strength: of course, her incomparable voice. Even the exceptional talent Helene Fischer cannot show that much elemental force and feeling. Adele is in a class of its own. “Hello” and “Rolling in the Deep” speak for themselves. This woman sings as vividly as no other.

Where Helene, on the other hand, triumphs: with her insane performances!

Each live show is more spectacular than the other. Outfits, effects, stage design, acrobatics … There is always something to see with the pop star, it is the overall package that counts. Which is why Fischer’s team and its dynamics are just as important as the singer herself.

In 2022, Helene wants to surpass herself and sing in front of a record crowd – on August 20, 2022 in front of 150,000 people in Munich. Simply “breathless”!

Big cinema

Our two super singers have also been guests on the big screen. Adele delivered the title track for the most successful James Bond flick to date: “Skyfall” (2012). Likewise, the song that opened the blockbuster with Daniel Craig was called the best 007 track of all time for many fans. It even won the Oscar for “Best Movie Song”.

Helene was also able to honor a big film with her voice. The remake of “The Lion King” was one of the most successful films at the box office in 2019. In the German version, Fischer opened with her interpretation of the classic “The Eternal Circle”. She also contributed the title songs to “Traumfabrik” and “Vaiana”.

Conclusion? Exceptional Adele has THE voice that makes the difference. Helene dominates the stage and is Germany’s darling.

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