Hello Bank cracks and offers a double offer, online banking goes crazy

Hello Bank cracks and offers a double offer, online banking goes crazy

An attractive financial bonus awaits you at Hello Bank in the event of subscription on the online banking site. At the moment, this one allows you to have the sum of 80€ and 6 months free of contribution.

Online banking Hello Bank offers you €80 for any first account opening. The welcome bonus of €80 offered is reserved for people residing in France, acting for non-professional purposes and opening a first individual deposit account or a first Hello Bank joint deposit account.

This welcome offer is reserved for people who do not already have a private or professional account with online banking, during the opening of the individual or joint deposit account.

All about the conditions of the €80 bonus

Regarding the conditions for obtaining the bonus, you should know that the bonus of €80 will be paid 20 days after the effective opening of the Hello Bank account.

The promotional offer is reserved for customers, for any first subscription to the Hello Prime bundled offer (on an individual account) or the Hello Prime Duo bundled offer (on a joint account). New customers also have the opportunity to benefit from this offer. Customers interested in the offer will benefit from the first 6 months offered on the Hello Prime or Hello Prime Duo subscription and at the end of these first 6 months. Subscription to these offers is reserved for customers with a net monthly income (before tax) of at least €1,000 for the Hello Prime offer and at least €2,000 for all co-holders for the Hello Prime Duo offer. .

In order to take advantage of it, all you need to do is validate your account opening request and/or the request to subscribe to the bundled offer online no later than March 23, 2023. And the file must be complete and compliant within 15 calendar days of this request.

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