Hennie on new role: – Overwhelming

For the first time in a long time, Aksel Hennie is back on a theater stage. On Friday, the audience was allowed to enter Peer Gynt’s realm.

– I want the audience to become a little richer in experiences and to think thoughts that they didn’t think just before entering. Hopefully they will meet a Peer Gynt who is understandable and someone you can identify with, says Hennie to TV 2.

– Fantastic

The first time Hennie saw Peer Gynt was at Gålå last summer, and since then he has been working on creating the performance that will be shown today.

– It has been absolutely fantastic. Overwhelming and wonderful.

– Coming up here to Gålå and meeting a group of volunteers, other actors, director and people in front of and behind the stage, makes this here a pure adventure.

Together with director Per-Olav Sørensen, he has made choices about how to convey the character Peer Gynt in the best possible way.

– The difference between me and Peer Gynt: I was born with different baggage than he had. An alcoholic father who ran away from him and a mother who doesn’t quite know what to do with him.

– There is no safety net around him, so all his bad qualities, all his cynicism and selfishness are allowed to sprout and grow in full bloom, says Hennie.

Sørensen already had some thoughts last summer about how he wanted to convey Ibsen’s work.

– Aksel and I read the play in the same way, and that is an advantage. What we try to do is to be as personal as possible, It has been a complicated process, perhaps the most demanding in my career, says Sørensen to TV 2.

Now he is very happy to present the final performance.

IN NATURE: Director Per-Olav Sørensen in front of Lake Gålåvatnet where the performance is performed. Photo: Olav T. Hustad Wold

– For me, the most important thing is that all the actors, all the volunteers who are on stage, those who work on the project should shine. Regardless of whether it is Aksel Hennie in the lead role or a Canadian scenographer or costume designer, it is extremely important that they are allowed to show how good they are.

Ellen Horn is the artistic director of Peer Gynt and has been looking forward to presenting the show.

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Ellen Horn is proud of what they have achieved in this year's production Photo: Olav T. Hustad Wold / TV 2

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Ellen Horn is proud of what they have achieved in this year’s production Photo: Olav T. Hustad Wold / TV 2

– Expectations are sky high, we have had trial performances with the public, and they have been enthusiastic. It will be good with a packed arena that cheers on a fabulously good ensemble, says Horn.

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