Henrik Elvestad imitates the archetypes of sports parents: – You have seen them before

Henrik Elvestad (48) is back on TV 2 to make fun of the sports parents most parents either know, or perhaps recognize in themselves.

– I think as soon as you hear the title, you will get pictures in your head of either a mother or father you have seen before, he tells over the phone to TV 2.

Has been inspired by famous parents

Elvestad has experienced several different types of “sports parents”, and has therefore been inspired. He has focused on imitating the stereotypes, and made different characters out of these.

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– They must represent the archetype, those who are ongoing and standing and howling and screaming, the actor says.

However, the 48-year-old emphasizes that he believes this type of parent does it with love, and wants the children’s best.

– It is a form of love, but they take up too much space in what is really about the children themselves, and not about them as parents, he says.

He also believes that several of the more extreme sports parents themselves have been inspired by more famous people – such as Gjert Ingebrigtsen.

– It is not Ingebrigtsen who is the problem – it is those who try to be he who is the problem. They push their children, who do not necessarily have the talent or desire, against top sports, he explains.

The character he thinks most viewers will recognize in, or know, is the handball mom who only cares about her own daughter.

– She only stands and howls and screams at her own daughter, and not the rest of the team. She probably knows a lot, says Elvestad.

Recognizes himself in one thing

When asked if Elvestad’s children recognized him as a father in any of the characters, he does not think so.

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– My girls have played handball, but have never had any ambition to be the best. They did it to have fun. So when they have not had that ambition, there is no point for me to have it either, he says.

However, there is one thing he recognizes himself in.

– The fear that your children will stop all sports, I can recognize myself in it. I like going to matches and tournaments. You want the children to do some sports, the 48-year-old continues.

Therefore, it is also the slightly too intrusive football dad he can say he relates most to. The character has a son who is too old, and also no ambition, to play in the elite series – but the father refuses to give up.

– There are some elements in the character I recognize myself in. I have a winning instinct and such, and the story of the character is that all he wants is for his son to continue playing football. If not, his life goes into ruins.

– Nice to be a little asshole

Although Elvestad does not think that the series will provoke, he thinks it can act as a thought provoker for some.

– I think there may be someone who meets himself at the door. Although that type of sports parent may not be known for having the best self-awareness, he explains.

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Playing all the characters himself was also a challenge he enjoyed. Some also better than others.

– All the characters have their reasons to love them. And then it’s a little nice to be a little asshole sometimes, he explains and refers to the “alpine dad” character.

Regardless, the purpose of the series is for people to have fun and laugh.

– The goal is first and foremost to have made something that people laugh a lot at and think is really fun, he explains.

– But it does not matter if someone becomes a little aware of how sports teams and parents treat their children.

You can watch all the episodes of “Sports Parents” on TV 2 Play already now, or on TV 2 this Christmas.

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