Here are 5 essential items to always be fashionable at both 20 and 50 years old

Fashion is now moving at the speed of light. We do not have time to follow the trend of the moment that we are already overtaken. Fast fashion but also the most famous brands do not wait for the usual 4 seasons to present the collections. Now practically every day we find ourselves with new clothes to buy.

In this World that moves at the speed of light, today we discover the trick to keep up with it. There is no need to spend a lot of money on things that we will put in once or twice. Better to invest in truly indispensable items that we can wear for years and years.

Here are 5 essential items to always be fashionable at both 20 and 50 years old

We have already talked about 3 amazing combinations that are depopulating to be fashionable even after the age of 50. Today we will see which timeless garments and accessories you should always have in the wardrobe to always be in trend. There are some goodies that are truly timeless and that we can safely reuse over the years.

How not to start with a strictly synthetic sheepskin coat. In its variants with internal plush and wool fabric. This garment never goes out of fashion, comfortable and practical, it really keeps you warm even in freezing temperatures. An investment to make for a good quality model.

Let’s move on to the timeless women’s loafers, an effortless chic detail. Having a couple in the wardrobe not only always makes us elegant, but also solves many problems. The moccasin really looks good under everything, tailored trousers like under jeans. Better black because it matches much easier.

Shirt with ruffles and flounces, preferably silk or otherwise thin. This kind of shirt goes a little bit I don’t see it goes very well. Under a blazer and jeans, or a more elegant and chic skirt. Neutral and light colors such as white, light blue and sand are the must-haves.

Mid-rise shorts and slightly flared leg. It is true that the trend of the moment is focused on more balloon models. But if we want a garment that is always current and wearable, we always focus on the classic model. No cyclist or eco-leather, certainly beautiful but in a few months they will already be replaced.

The accessory that cannot be missing

To conclude, a designer bag of decent value. There is no need to think about brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Hermes. Most people can’t afford to put all that money into one stock market. We choose a well-made bag, perhaps in hand-worked leather or in any case of a brand that does not lose value. Under 500 euros you can find good bags, maybe we invest in vintage, with the same amount you can find interesting things.

In short, here are 5 essential items to always be fashionable at both 20 and 50 years old. This mini guide is really useful at any age and can solve many problems for us. Having these basic garments we can mix them to our liking and combine them with the most different looks.


They look good on all these 5 trendy garments not to be missed in the next sales

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