Here are the secrets that many ignore to make the beautiful poinsettia last longer

A few more days and in all the houses there will be Christmas decorations that will color the homes of many Italians with joy and happiness. One of the most popular Christmas symbols, the Christmas Star, cannot be missing among the various preferences.

This ornamental plant native to Mexico is one of the favorite decorations to give as gifts and to treat oneself. Its beautiful flowering that colors the leaves of velvety red, goes from the month of November until the first hints of spring.

Most plants can’t last longer than 2 or 3 months but not everyone knows or is unaware that there are secrets to making poinsettia last much longer.

You don’t need to be an expert in gardening to help this plant live longer

Scientifically called Euphorbia pulcherrima, the Poinsettia, also known as Poinsettia is a very delicate and not easy to grow ornamental plant.

It doesn’t take much to see our plant with leaves starting to curl and fall or even with mold between one branch and another or between the flowers. There are some little secrets that can prevent our plant from dying and even see it again the following year, beautiful, healthy and in bloom.

Here are the secrets that many ignore to make the beautiful poinsettia last longer

Our beautiful Christmas plant will have to be placed in a space of the apartment with special conditions. In order for it to grow in full health with vivid and bright colors it must be placed for most of the day in the dark. The ideal position is one with good brightness for no more than eight hours and never with direct sun.

Like most houseplants, it cannot stand temperatures that are too cold and not even too hot ones. So you have to pay attention not to heat the apartment above about 22 ° C but not even go below about 14 ° C.

It should be regularly watered with a little water whenever the soil is dry and it is preferable to fertilize it every 20 days to help flowering. After winter, in spring the poinsettia can be pruned by cutting the branches at least 10 cm from the stem.

Later it can be repotted in a slightly larger pot and left in the shade in the warmer months. With the arrival of autumn, it will be possible to start fertilizing and bringing the plant inside, which will soon begin to bloom.


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