Here, Bianca’s relationship with the 48-year-old celebrity man is revealed – see the love picture

Bianca Ingrosso

It’s full speed in Bianca Ingrosso’s life after the breakup from Phillipe Cohen! Now she is seen together with a certain celebrity.

Bianca Ingrosso’s money – the millions in salary and company

After the commercial: Bianca Ingrosso’s money – the millions in salary and company


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At the end of August, Bianca Ingrosso, 27, confirmed what many suspected:

She and Phillipe Cohen, 28, have broken up, again.

During the couple’s eight years together, they have broken up a total of nine times, but this time Bianca thinks it’s over for real:

– I think it is a chapter that has been closed, she said in one vlog in September.

Since the breakup, a lot has happened in Bianca’s life. And now the relationship with a special celebrity is revealed!

Bianca Ingrosso’s happiness – after the breakup

On Bianca’s social media, you can see that her new everyday life consists of parties, hanging out with friends and work.

Just under the category “job” a lot has happened – this autumn she launched her new talk show, “Bianca”!

The premiere episode was seen by over half a million viewers linearly and became Kanal 15’s best weekend premiere in 15 years.

Something that of course made Bianca very proud. In a press release she has said:

– Wow! I am so incredibly grateful and happy for the warm welcome and for everyone who has already watched BIANCA. I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone who believed in me and gave me the chance to realize the dream of my own talk show.

But Bianca has not only appeared in her own talk show. Last Sunday, she was a guest on Hellenius Hörna – and here we also got to see what a nice relationship she has with the presenter David Hellenius, 48.

Bianca Ingrosso’s nice words to the celebrity man

There was a heartfelt moment between Bianca and David where the presenter raised the 27-year-old to the skies:

– I think you are very brave, you don’t give up. It doesn’t matter what you come across, David said before singing a song to Bianca.

And Bianca, she pays tribute to David back with a nice love post on Instagram:

“Always an honor to laugh with you on your show @davidhellenius,” she writes, followed by a slideshow.

So nice that Bianca and David are friends!

Photo: TT, Instagram

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