Here he plays Doom on a Lego brick

The classic shooter Doom has recently become known for running on most things. such as refrigerators, cars and toasters. Now the fun trend has reached new heights, thanks to a creative soul with the Twitter name «ancient_james».

James Brown, as he also calls himself, has in fact pulled Doom into a Lego block. And then we are not talking the big stuff either, but a small transparent 2×2 thing.

As you can see in the Twitter video above, it’s not always good to know what’s going on on the tiny screen. But it is undeniably Doom that lasts and goes there.

It all started a couple of weeks ago, when Brown showed off the working screen block Twitter. He was immediately greeted questions if it could run Doom, and even if it did was not really the plan the temptation became too great.

– I had not intended to do it, but then I thought about how annoyed I would be when someone else eventually did it.

And then we got Doom on Lego.

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