Here is the climbing plant with showy flowers perfect for decorating exterior walls even in autumn

How many times have we stopped to admire a wall covered with beautiful climbing plants. Colorful, cheerful, elegant, perfect for covering ruined concrete facades, for embellishing the garden or the gazebo. They are very particular plants that in order to grow healthy and luxuriant, they need to cling to supports: walls, other plants, pergolas, etc.

They create barriers of color that are always very fascinating. Like this beautifully flowered climbing plant perfect for decorating gardens and house walls.

Here is the climbing plant with showy flowers perfect for decorating exterior walls even in autumn

Today We at ProiezionidiBorsa want to talk about a climbing plant with very bright colors, bewitching and with an elegant appearance. We refer to the Streptosolen Jamesonii, an evergreen shrub of Colombian origins, which can reach 2 meters in height. Its branches are very flexible and the leaves are dark green. The flowers pedunculated, have a typical trumpet shape and create wonderful orange-yellow spots. Their flowering begins in spring, and if the climate is particularly mild, it continues until autumn. Since its stems are very thin, it is recommended to arrange supports to allow the plant to grow in height.

How this plant is grown

Streptosolen Jamesonii is an easy to grow plant, because it does not require special care. In fact, here is the climbing plant with showy flowers perfect for decorating external walls even in autumn.

Streptosolen Jamesonii loves bright places but fears direct sunlight. In areas with a mild climate it can be grown in the open ground. While in places where the climate is very cold it is recommended to take care of the potted plant.

This shrub prefers a soil mixed with peat and sand, which guarantees good drainage. The waterings will be constant and abundant during the warm periods, while in winter they will be more moderate. Remember that in spring and summer the plant needs to be fertilized every 15 days. Streptosolen Jamesonii will need to be pruned immediately after flowering to remove dead branches.

Diseases and remedies

The Streptosolen Jamesonii is very afraid of the presence of aphids and lice. If we notice that the leaves turn yellow and crumple, we are probably in the presence of the red spider. While if we notice dark spots, we will be facing the cochineal. If the plant is grown in pots, we can eliminate these parasites by using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. We can also use chemical pesticides or natural products.

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