Here is the feature TV4 refused to show – stopped from being broadcast

TV4's logo and Anders Pihlblad

Anders Philblad shows the feature TV4 refused to broadcast.

Anders Pihlblad has held a long and loyal position on TV4, already in 1997 he started working there, then as a political commentator. Nowadays, he still makes political contributions, but is mainly the host of Nyhetsmorgon.

And with his long experience on the canal, there is plenty of room for tabs. Anders Pihlblad now tells about the feature he did with the former city minister, who did not get to see the light of day – united fifteen years later.

The relationship with the colleague

Pihlblad has more than his career to thank TV4 for, as it was known here that he met his current husband Henrik Alsterdal. The romance that began with the coffee machines at work, has led to two children and almost fifteen years together, ten of whom are married.

That they have children may not be known to many, and that is not entirely strange. The couple has made a decision not to show their two children on social media.

– When they become so large that they can decide for themselves and understand what it means, we can probably be open to it. But I think they should have the opportunity to be private and develop their own personalities without being someone’s son or daughter. That’s what we think and we think it feels great. But I have all the respect for people who reason in other ways, says Pihlblad Happened.

The interview was stopped

And despite the fact that Anders Pihlblad is now one of the channel’s most experienced faces, he has also had bad days at work. It was when he was to interview former city minister Göran Persson that things went wrong.

So crooked that TV4 did not broadcast the interview. He tells Hänt that he was not really sure what the interview was about, and when he asks his first question to Göran, he also does not seem to really understand what it is about. It all ends in a laughter party, and neither Pihlblad nor Persson manage to keep the mask on in the interview.

– He did not really know what I was going to ask about, so there was a collision there. He exploded with laughter, which I did. The material I brought home with was unsendable, it never happened, he tells Hänt.

But fifteen years later, in Nyhetsmorgon, he chose to put shame aside and show the clip. And luckily it was, a good laugh is promised! You can watch the clip here.

Photo: TT / TV4

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