Here is the tasty autumn queen recipe rich in fiber and omega 3

If for someone the collapse of temperatures is a real tragedy, they could find solace in the typically warm autumn kitchen. Many dishes arrive together with the cold seasons, from the simplest and most humble chestnuts and new wine, to tasty and rich soups.

Below we will talk about this kind of dish which, in this case, has legumes as protagonists, which can always vary when needed.

In fact, the typically peasant origins of the dish allow us to vary the ingredients to our liking, although the basic preparations remain. But let’s see what the ingredients of our legume soup.

Ingredients and preparation

The ingredients we have selected for this recipe are:

  • This;
  • Lentils;
  • Cannellini beans;
  • Dried broad beans;
  • Barley;
  • Celery, carrot, onion;
  • Herbs.

For 4 people a total of 500g of legumes and cereals will be needed, so we can choose to use 100g for each type. We put all the legumes to soak at least one night, or in any case according to the times indicated on the package, to be sure to eliminate all the waste.

Finely chop celery, carrot and onion for a classic sauté that we will put in a saucepan over moderate heat with a dash of oil. At this point, after having drained the legumes, we will add them to the pan together with the barley, evaluating the cooking times which, roughly, will be the same. After letting it cook for a few minutes, cover everything with vegetable broth.

Here is the tasty autumn queen recipe rich in fiber and omega 3

While the soup is cooking we will make an aromatic bunch with rosemary, sage and bay leaf, tying them together with string to prevent them from dispersing in the pot. The soup will have to cook about an hour and when needed, if we see that it needs liquid we will have to add some vegetable broth. Precisely in this regard, it would be advisable to have a homemade vegetable broth with celery, carrots, onions and some chopped tomatoes compared to the classic nut.

We can choose whether to leave the soup more compact or more liquid or perhaps decide to add tomato sauce to give a touch of taste and enveloping.

So here is the tasty autumn queen recipe rich in fiber and omega 3.

All the advantages of an exceptional food

As mentioned previously, the ingredients may vary based on availability in the pantry but legumes are difficult to replace this. These, as well as the other legumes, abound in vegetable fibers useful for intestinal regularity but not only. In fact, these are also rich in omega 3, in particular linolenic acid, considered a great ally of cardiovascular health.


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