Here is which free antivirus to choose, whether for MacOS or Windows

In today’s IT landscape, it is still necessary to install an antivirus or a security suite on your PC. Malware, viruses or spyware are still very much present, and cybercriminals are always quick to exploit security holes in your system or software to install tools that are harmful to your data, your performance or even to extract you from the network. ‘money. Rather than relying on your simple vigilance, which is not enough, you will most often need to install an antivirus that can detect and block malware for you. This obviously applies to Windows PC users, but contrary to popular belief, this is also true for Mac users. Methods like phishing through fraudulent sites or emails can affect users of any operating system, and security holes in macOS or software, especially in older versions, are never completely absent. . If you are looking for an antivirus to install, there are plenty of them. We help you make the choice of an antivirus that is both complete and free!

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Choose a complete antivirus, which protects you from all threats

The malware landscape is bigger than ever, and that’s why you need an antivirus that can protect you against all kinds of threats to your data, but also your privacy.

An antivirus that protects you from all kinds of viruses

When we use the term “antivirus” or “virus”, we think of a type of software that spreads from PC to PC to commit its crimes. However, this is not at all the only type of threat that we find on the Internet today. Viruses still exist, but there are many other types of malware as well: Spyware can observe your browsing or actions, or even your webcam. Botnet networks take possession of your PC’s resources to distribute spam or perform tasks such as generating cryptocurrency. And ransomware or ransomware can encrypt your personal files in order to demand a ransom to unblock them. You therefore need an antivirus capable of blocking all these threats, and in particular the latest which are widespread.

Antivirus that warns you of phishing

Phishing and scams don’t necessarily attack your system, and somewhere it’s even more dangerous: they attack your defenses, your lack of vigilance, pretending to be a legitimate site you go to. deliver personal data or money. To protect yourself from phishing and online scams, you should use an antivirus that can spot suspicious emails, differentiate between a legitimate site and a fraudulent site, or even systematically scan file attachments. ‘an email to prevent you from opening it if it is malicious.

Block all ad tracking

Beyond the direct risks to the security of your data, there are other types of “threats” that you will want to get rid of: these are those which weigh on the respect of your private life. What could be more disturbing than knowing that your internet browsing habits can be recorded and used for targeted advertising purposes? How can you be sure that your actions and your identity will not be tracked by your Internet service provider or any other company? To enjoy the Internet without putting your privacy on the back burner, you need a tool that blocks your browser tracking, and if possible a VPN that allows you to surf anonymously, hiding crucial information such as your address. IP as well as your geographical location.

Discover the free antivirus Avast Free Security

Choose an antivirus that protects you, but not only

With free and comprehensive antivirus, you may have antivirus protection, but not only that. A security suite can also, as we have seen, provide you with a VPN without having to go through an external provider, in order to use the Internet in an encrypted and anonymous way. Maintaining a certain level of performance for your system is also very important, and it is therefore essential to opt for an antivirus that is light enough not to have a negative impact on your daily use, but which helps you in more to optimize them. And because one of the keys to a secure PC is to keep all of its software up to date to protect itself from vulnerabilities, an automatic update tool is a definite plus!

Choose a truly free antivirus, all the way!

Avira Free Security meets these criteria. The Avira antivirus protects you against all types of threats such as spyware, viruses but also ransomware, fraudulent sites or infected attachments in emails. With the free Avira VPN, you can surf safely, even on poorly protected Wi-Fi networks, with a quota of 500MB per month of encrypted traffic. Avira Free Security protects you from online scams. It also integrates tools for removing traces from your web browsers, a password manager to offer robust protection against data theft and user account hacking, a performance optimization module as well as a password manager. updates. Avira Free Security is 100% free, and available on PC and Mac.

Discover the free antivirus Avast Free Security

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