Here it all begins: the summary of the episode of Thursday, November 25

Charlene thinks of crossing a new limit in Here it all begins. Salomé and Maxime are spending a very tense day. Kelly learns the truth about her mother. Teyssier continues his manipulation with Landiras.

Thursday November 25 in Here it all begins, who will soon see Maxime leave, his interpreter Clément Rémiens having decided to leave the soap opera … A departure to which Aurélie Pons reacted, just like Julie Sassoust and Alexandre Brasseur … Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche reveals which cult series he is a fan of) and Constance is worried about Charlene (Pola Petrenko is revealed on Instagram) and the director tells Theo of his suspicions about Louis. When Constance tells her son about Marta’s testimony about Charlene bumping up, he ticks. He then goes to Marta to ask her why she lied and she replies that Louis is not responsible but that she cannot tell him more.

Charlene is about to cross the line

Marta then goes to the commissary to reproach Laëtitia for having given Charlene a new injection of botox. Kelly hears the end of their argument and she asks her mother for an explanation, who ends up confessing everything to her. Kelly is both angry and saddened. Lauren Belvaux announces to the students that she has chosen Anaïs as the butler for the Sybarite. Lisandro (Agustin Galiana) congratulates her, while warning her of the difficulty of the customers of a palace. Charlene is devastated by the news, and when Louis (Fabian Wolfrom has made revelations about Louis and Charlene’s relationship) comes to see her, he tries to cheer her up. She worries that her appearance will make her fail at every future interview. Charlène goes to Laëtitia’s to beg her to give him a new injection, but the babysitter refuses. The student then steals the key to the dressing room, then returns to grab the botox syringes.

Is there still hope for Salomé and Maxime?

Salomé (Aurélie Pons who participates in Dance with the stars) and Maxime continue their preparation of the Christmas menu for Double A. The tension is more than palpable between the two lovers. Salomé is still very annoyed and ends up cutting their discussion short. During her break, Tom joins her and tries to make her laugh, but Maxime arrives. This then causes a new argument between Salomé and Maxime, until the arrival of Teyssier who tastes their dishes and dismantles them.

Will Gabrielle reveal the truth to Landiras?

Landiras, who could well leave the institute, goes to see Teyssier to tell him that he has an idea for his new dessert and that he feels that things are going well between Gabrielle and him. Once the pastry chef is gone, Constance reproaches her husband for his manipulations. Then, the nurse advises Gabrielle to stop playing seduction with Landiras to avoid demolishing him a second time. Later, Landiras presents his dessert to Gabrielle while throwing at her in passing: “you are my goddess to me.“Uncomfortable, the young woman cuts the discussion short when he asks her if she still has feelings for him.

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