Here it all starts: the summary of episode 492 of Wednesday September 21 (spoilers)

Tuesday, September 21 in Here it all starts (episode already available on Salto), Laetitia is back. Rose, who was passing by, goes to meet the mother and the daughter, but makes a fuss about Guillaume’s departure. If she no longer has a feeling for him, Laetitia nevertheless accuses the blow. To cheer him up, Kelly decides to organize a surprise lunch in which Tony would participate. If Lionel finds the idea far-fetched, he will nevertheless help his girlfriend. The meal is going very well but once back home, Laetitia confides to her daughter that she would have done well without having lunch with Tony. She needs time to digest Guillaume’s departure and turn the page on this story.

Louis announces the color

The tenure of Louis as a teacher at the Institute caused a stir at the Institute. If his nomination suits Teyssier financially, it annoys his mother and especially worries the students. He announces the color from his first lesson: he wants to make Jasmine, Ambre, Tom and others technical pros before turning them into creative cooks. Today’s exercise consists of reproducing a recipe from Auguste Armand from memory! Louis has a field day pointing out the flaws in each other’s dishes. As a result, he has all the students repeat the exercise, who grumble…in silence for the moment. But when he does it again, specifying that they will spend the night there if necessary, Tom questions the principle of the exercise and Jasmine has to leave to pick up her son. Louis then sets the tone: “Those who want to work stay, those who want to break…”

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Anaïs pulls herself together

Lisandro is worried to see Anaïs so disturbed. The young woman claims to be bothered by the tasting for the pop-up restaurant. She reminds him that Rose and Chef Meyer are going to pick the winner today. But in reality, Anaïs thinks of Mathieu, her deceased brother, and opens the recipe book of the deceased young man. Later, when Salomé looks for her friend, she finds her at the studio working on her recipe with David. Anaïs has recovered and decided to use the memory of her brother to revisit a beef bourguignon which will be… vegetarian!

In the afternoon, Meyer goes through the ranks while the young chefs cook. After having tasted the preparation of Anaïs, she welcomes her recovery in hand. Charlène then accuses Anaïs of cheating after seeing Anaïs closing a notebook that is not hers.

When the time for the tasting finally arrives, Rose and Chef Meyer taste each other’s creations. They savor Salomé’s duck, regret that Charlène’s dish does not keep its promises and congratulate Anaïs for her originality. Result, Salomé and Anaïs win the event. But as there can only be a temporary restaurant, the two friends will face off tomorrow in a final test. Charlène attacks Anaïs again. She promises to prove that she used someone else’s recipe to win the event.

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