Here, Meghan is breaking the centuries-old tradition – the split with Kate

Meghan skipped the traditional garment!

Meghan steals the show at Elizabeth’s funeral – accused

After the commercial: Meghan steals the show at Elizabeth’s funeral – accused


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The funeral is described as Britain’s largest in 70 years. Thousands of people have gathered and queued to say a final farewell to Queen Elizabeth, who died aged 96 on September 8.

As many as 2,000 funeral guests were present; of which around 500 heads of state, royalty and presidents. They arrived one by one for the funeral ceremony in the giant cathedral Westminster Abbey.

Emotions were heavy when the British royal family took their seats. King Charles, Prince Edward and Prince George were seen wiping away tears between hymns and speeches.

Prince George

Prince George was seen wiping away tears during the funeral ceremony at Westminster Abbey.


Meghan broke with centuries-old tradition

Even Meghan, who has had a frosty relationship with the British royal family in recent years, was there. She arrived at the same time as Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate.

Both she and Kate appeared in a black hat. But there was one detail that made Meghan stand out. Many had expected her to wear a mourning veil – which she did not.

The mourning veil has been a long-standing tradition. The custom stretches all the way back to the 14th century, but became extra popular when Queen Victoria in 1861 donned a mourning veil after that her husband Prince Albert passed away.

Meghan Markle

Meghan skipped the mourning veil during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

Stephen Lock / i-Images

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The expert on unexpected trend shifts

Since then, women within the royal family have used to wear the garment in connection with royal funerals.

In the past, the veil was significantly larger and longer, but has been modernized in recent years and has become both shorter and more transparent, reports Norwegian See and Hear.

– Then In ancient times, royalty used to wear full-covering veils, but in recent times, shorter and more transparent veils have become more common. Preferably as part of the hat, says the newspaper’s royal house expert Caroline Vagle.

– In addition, they don’t always use it anymore, something that we see that neither Duchess Meghan, Countess Sophie nor the Queen’s granddaughter do today.

Camilla and Kate

Both Camilla and Kate had chosen to wear a mourning veil in connection with Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

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