Here the children break royal protocol – Kate is forced to speak up

Kate Middleton sees what is happening and acts immediately – the children must not break royal protocol!

Meghan steals the show at Elizabeth’s funeral – accused

After the commercial: Meghan steals the show at Elizabeth’s funeral – accused


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Monday was a day of mourning in the royal world. Then Queen Elizabeth was laid to rest.

It was of course particularly tough for the British royal family and not least the children in the family.

Unlike last year when Prince Philip was buried, Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7, were there.

It was of course an emotional day for the little ones. Both were captured on video crying.

On another occasion, the children were about to miss a moment but then mother Kate intervened.

Here Kate says to the children – after the mass

After the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, Elizabeth’s coffin was carried out to begin the journey towards Windsor Castle.

Here, outside the cathedral, Meghan, Camilla, Kate, George and Charlotte would pay their respects to the Queen.

This is done in a special way, bowing for women and bowing for men. Something that, of course, is easy to miss as a child.

Good thing Kate is a royal pro and a doting mom. In a very subtle way, she reminds the children of the gesture.

Watch Kate’s discreet reminder below:

Kate and Charlotte’s tribute to Elizabeth

Kate and Charlotte also honored their beloved Lilibet in another way – through their jewelry.

The little princess wore a horseshoe brooch as a symbolic tribute to her great-grandmother who loved horses:

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte wore a brooch in honor of her great-grandmother Elizabeth.

Kate, on the other hand, wore a necklace given to her by Elizabeth and which she also wore to Prince Philip’s funeral.

Kate Middleton

Kate honored Elizabeth by wearing one of the Queen’s necklaces.

The four-strand pearl choker was specially designed for Elizabeth with cultured pearls that were a gift from the Japanese government.

Elizabeth has worn the beautiful piece of jewelry several times over the years and now it glitters in Westminster Abbey again, during Kate’s final farewell to her husband’s grandmother.

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