Here, unvaccinated covids are forced to test themselves before they are admitted to Dreamhack

– I think it is good to stop the spread of covid-19 but it is a bit complicated to know how to do here, said 15-year-old Kaspian Lönner-Endrell, one of the visitors who needed to covide test before he was allowed to enter.

Slim festival

Due to the pandemic, the festival is slimmed down this year. Normally it attracts just over 50,000 visitors to Jönköping for four days, but this year only 3,000 people are admitted to Elmia.

In addition, the e-sports professionals are missing because there are no major professional competitions organized this weekend, but the organizer still dares to promise that it will be an event to remember.

– We are so happy that we can implement this. Then it has been a challenge when it is the first time you do the whole covidpass part, says Christoffer Mellin who works with Dreamhack winter.

This is what it looked like when visitors streamed in when the fair opened on Thursday morning. Photo: SVT

On Thursday morning, 200 people who were not fully vaccinated were tested, of whom one was tested positive and was allowed to return home. That person had no symptoms.

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