Here Will and Kate do what is forbidden – breaking the royal code

Prince William and Kate

Will and Kate went their separate ways during a visit to Scotland.

There are some unwritten rules that royalty are expected to keep. Rarely are there things that have any actual consequences, except possibly that people raise their eyebrows a little extra.

When Prince William and Duchess Kate visited Glasgow, just that happened – they decided to break an unofficial royal “rule”!

Odd drawn

The reason for the trip was, among other things, to draw attention to mental illness and homelessness by visiting organizations that work to improve the situation for vulnerable groups. Two topics that are close to Will and Kate’s heart! Will more specifically, in his work has focused a lot on homelessness.

Outside the Wheatley Group, an organization working to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people, the Prince and Duchess were greeted by lots of happy residents who welcomed them. Then the unusual thing happened, like the newspaper Hello reported on!

An admirer wanted to take a picture with the royalty, a so-called “selfie” whereupon Kate and Will happily pose, and Will even puts his arm around her shoulder!

Prince William and Duchess Kate

Here we have a happy king-fan who can boast of something not many can!

Andrew Milligan / WPA Pool / Shutterstock

The Queen’s words: “Strange”

It may not sound like something so strange, it’s full of selfies nowadays. But for royalty, it actually is. It happens extremely rarely that they pose for such pictures, but instead refuse kindly. Usually because the focus is on something else, such as the task they are in place to perform.

The British royal family seems to be particularly fond of selfies. Prince Harry has expressed it in black and white: He hates them.

Nor does Queen Elizabeth understand the charm of the odd self-portraits she has according to Hello said she finds it strange and confusing when people swarm around her to take selfies.

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