Here’s Bloodborne on PC – Only in Minecraft, but no less impressive

Well, are you still hoping for a PC version of Bloodborne? As the saying goes: hope dies last.

Until then, there is Bloodborne on the PC, at least in a roundabout way: via a replica in Minecraft by designer and programmer “Potomy”.

Impressive work

Among other things, Potomy has recreated Yharnam and other locations from Bloodborne. And the level of detail is really impressive.

on Twitter and YouTube Potomy provides users with images and videos of its creation and it’s all quite impressive.

More news about Minecraft:

The Japanese designer has created dozens of textures specifically for this purpose, so that his works look as true to the original as possible.

In any case, a lot of time has gone into Potomy’s replicas and the designer is far from finished. It remains to be seen whether you will ever be able to experience the whole thing yourself in Minecraft.

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