Heritage: the Massif des Maures rises from its ashes


Article written by

A. Jacquet, A. Rémond, F. Fontaine – France 3

France Televisions

A year after the terrible fire that had ravaged it, the Massif des Maures is gradually coming back to life. Report, Tuesday, June 21.

It took many months for nature to regain its rights. Last summer, a gigantic fire destroyed 8,000 hectares in the Massif des Maures in the Var. Today, the flora has started to recover and the turtles have been able to find their natural space. And we were leaving from afar, all the vegetation had burned. It only took a few hours for the fire to spread throughout the massif. The flames reached up to 40 m high and 10,000 people had to be evacuated.

Since the beginning of 2022, horseback riding has resumed, because the massif is huge. Despite the scars of the fire, it remains one of the green lungs of Provence. Moreover, the vegetation is gradually coming back to life. A tree that had resisted the fire is already rebuilding its branches and leaves.

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