Hernán Novick psyches himself up in the second tournament of the year: “We hope to win the Clausura”

Hernán Novick became the figure of Universitario’s triumph over Atlético Grau at the Monumental Stadium, as he contributed with an assist and scored a goal. The Uruguayan midfielder expressed his satisfaction at contributing to the team’s victory.

It’s always nice when you can score a goal or an assist, whenever you can help the team it makes you happy”, said the footballer in dialogue with Fútbol Como Cancha of RPP Noticias.

In the same way, the player feels motivated by the four consecutive wins of the squad led by Carlos Compagnucci and pointed out that he is focused on obtaining the second championship of the year. We have the hope of winning the Closing Tournament. We knew that we were far away, but it was not impossible and these triumphs that we have been having give us hope to be able to continue”, he mentioned.

It is worth mentioning that the cream cast is located in the third box of the Clausura with 23 units and only two points behind the leader Sporting Cristal. The next game (September 30) will have to visit Alianza Atlético with the aim of continuing in the fight.

Praise for Piero Quispe

In the match against Atlético Grau, Universitario was not going to be able to count on Aldo Corzo and Piero Quispe, as they were called up to the Peruvian National Team, for the friendlies against Mexico and El Salvador. Although the absence of the latter led to the change of scheme and that Hernán Novick enters as a starter, the midfielder does not rule out that in future opportunities both may be on the field of play.

I have played several matches alongside Piero Quispe. I feel very comfortable playing with him, having someone who plays like him will make things easier for you”, commented the Uruguayan, but it was not the only thing. And it is that, the good performance of the player caught the attention of the team: “It has some interesting features and I am very happy for it”.

Also, he argued that “Many times I have spoken with Piero Quispe, I told him that he reminded me of when I started, because I also lacked a goal and that is going to be very important in his career”. For this reason, he advises thathe has to position himself better to get more into the area. With the experience that he gains, he will realize where he influences the most so that he scores more goals”.

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