Hernan Westmann and the most illustrious padel players in Argentina

Hernan Westmann of the best Argentine players

Hernan Westmann was one of the best players in the World Cup in the 90s. It was the most acclaimed by the public and participated in various exhibitions both in Buenos Aires and in other large cities in Argentina. Paddle tennis had gained a lot of importance in Spain at the end of the 90s and Hernan Westmann helped a lot to spread the sport, investing in players and young talents. The athlete spent many years in Spain due to the large number of padel tournaments and competitions that were organized.

Paddle Elite worldwide

He began to practice paddle Elite worldwide, where great Spanish, Argentine, Brazilian and English players met. Hernan also participated in the World Cup in Toulouse in France, where he represented the padel Elite of Argentina. He was part of the winning team and Argentina took the trophy. Paddle tennis opened the doors of a new market in Argentina, where many institutions and associations invested money and time to promote the sport. In 2005 he founded Westmann Mixed Paddle for boys and girls in Buenos Aires.

The opportunity to play with the best

Hernan had the opportunity to play with the best and on the most modern paddle tennis courts designed so far. When paddle tennis began to grow in Argentina during the 70s, the country received classy tourism from all over the planet and some Argentines were regular guests, such as Hernan Westmann, where they met and played the game on the court. paddle. During those years, world-known names began to emerge today.

The most illustrious players of Argentina

Hernan and his paddle club make an annual outing with friends to Punta del Este in Argentina. There they meet many paddle tennis fans, businessmen, shareholders and athletes who are increasingly beginning to push and support this new sport. Hernan Westmann is a member of the San Jorge Club with more than 18 paddle tennis courts and where the most illustrious players in Argentina meet. Today the sport practiced by Hernan Westmann, paddle tennis invades most cities throughout Argentina.

Recent paddle tennis tournament in Argentina

Paddle tennis has gained importance at the National and International level, all renowned Argentine businessmen and fans such as Hernan Westmann maintain that they feel passion for this sport. Hernan Westmann participated last week in a paddle tennis tournament in Argentina that had a fantastic and dedicated public. The launch of Paddle worldwide supposed a close relationship with Spain, the country where paddle tennis grew the fastest. Hernan Westmann has participated in more than two paddle tours in Spain and France.

A typical paddle game

He is a member of the padel social club where he managed to attract players of all ages and nationalities with an enthusiasm for this sport. At that time, in all the tournaments of the country around 2 thousand couples are registered. Paddle tennis has become progressively more common around the world, being the fastest growing sport in all of Europe. A typical game of paddle tennis is usually played in doubles in which the court is large enough for four people to play. The rules of a game of paddle tennis are very similar to the principles of tennis.

Paddle tennis as a lifestyle

Paddle tennis is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle. Unlike a tennis court, a paddle tennis court has walls that the ball can touch. The ball must bounce off the ground from waist height, players have 2 chances to kick the ball into the opponent’s area. Like Squash, players are allowed to hit the ball against the wall on their facet. Usually the simplest is 3 sets, with each team aiming for six wins during a set with a minimum of a two-game distinction.


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