Hero dad’s privilege: the viral video that will make you look different from your mom

On TikTok there are videos with stories that become viral. Many of them appeal to humor to make you laugh, but there are other stories on the social network that seek to create awareness, without any filter, about realities that must be changed. This is one of them.

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In the United States, a young mother named Chloe Sexton shared a video on TikTok to denounce the “parental privilege” that her husband has. What do you mean?

The woman says that when her partner takes care of her 6-month-old baby, he is seen as a great hero in everyone’s eyes. And the mother, who does the same, in a more intense and committed way, all day, is also seen as a heroine? That is the awkward question.


Let’s be honest, it is still a pre-established idea in more than one family and, without exaggeration, in almost all of society, to believe that the man is the only breadwinner in the family. And if, in addition to that, he takes care of his children from one day to another, he is a true hero.

The other side of the coin, many times, occurs on the mother’s side. They must add present and committed motherhood to their work and household chores. Even for many people still, it is their “duty” as a woman. Let’s go back to the story.


Chloe Sexton, a 27-year-old young mother who lives in Memphis in the state of Tennessee (United States), knows a lot about it. On October 31, on her TikTok account followed by more than a million subscribers, she took the floor to denounce what she calls “daddy’s privilege.” Her video immediately went viral.


It’s the daddy hero treatment for me 🙃

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With baby Theodore, her young son, in her arm, Chloe tells her story, which is summarized in that she owns a business and has her own bakery. In order for her business to work, she works several hours a day, she also has to take care of her son, who is barely six months old. In other words, your life is a series of days of stress and fatigue that are never recognized.

“Every week I have to go to the wholesalers where I collect large sacks of flour and butter, I bring them myself and I also did it when I was seven months pregnant,” she confesses.

In those moments, no one would congratulate or help her. But when her husband Tyler took a day off and helped her with work while taking care of their son, he was “treated like a hero” and praised, Chloe Sexton said.

Chloe asserts in her viral TikTok video that it’s about time that mentality about the roles of men and women changed. Because neither her husband nor any man is a hero for dedicating himself to the care of their children. In the words of the tiktoker: “He’s just a parent, just a parent, doing the same things I do every week,” he says. He adds that “every father deserves to know that he is seen and appreciated, encourage him,” in reference to both mothers and fathers.


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