Herrera: “The U was no match for Colo Colo”

Lo de Colo Colo is already a healthy habit against the University of Chile in the Superclásico, winning again in the 190th edition of the most important match in the country in El Teniente de Rancagua on the 22nd date of the tournament.

With goals from Marcos Bolados, an own goal by Ramón Arias and another defining goal from Ignacio Jara when the game was ending, Gustavo Quinteros’ team beat the Blues 3-1 and was left with three vital points to escape at the top of the tournament of its direct rivals.

One who had to swallow the bitterness of a new victory alba in his capacity as commentator was Johnny Herrera, who analyzed what was the triumph of the Cacique and hisHe pointed out without any filter that the club of his loves was not a rival at all in Rancagua.

“Universidad de Chile was no rival of Colo Colo. Be careful, without having individualities, it was an even and normal Colo Colo. But he ends up winning without losing his hair “said the former goalkeeper.

In that sense, the now commentator added that “The U was not a rival at times with Colo Colo. He was far superior winning from start to finish. As Maxi Falcon (who was invited) said it was an easier match than they expected ”.

El Cacique took 10 points ahead of U after winning Superclásico 190. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

“Aránguiz, who one expected to be outstanding, was not there because he was concerned about scoring and was not up. He got desperate and wanted to go to score at the center-backs and everything got messy. Andía, Morales too, and well, that’s how it was ”, concluded.

Now the albos will face Ñublense by date 23 next Thursday, September 30 from 6:30 p.m., in what will be a more than special rematch for Colo Colo thinking about the first round match of the season.

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