He’s Schuurs but he looks like the best Glik: Torino can’t do without his 3

Determined in the interventions, sometimes even a bit rude, Perr Schuurs is the positive note of Turin also against Sassuolo

Do you remember the choir “Glik, Glik, Glik”That so many times the Maratona sang to the former captain of the Turin? When reading the formations, before the start of the Sassuolo match, a “Schuurs, Schuurs, Schuurs”In honor of the Dutch power plant. If the performances of number 3 continue to be those of the first releases, we will certainly hear that chorus shouted with even more vigor. And the juxtaposition between the former Ajax and Glik is by no means far-fetched: the more you see him playing, the more Schuurs remembers the best version of the Polish central.

Turin, Schuurs-Glik: what a similarity

Schuurs is certainly not a player who is afraid to put his leg up and go to the tackle, if there is to intervene in a decisive way he does not hold back (we also noticed this against Lecce, when he stopped the counterattack of the unleashed Band with an applause slip), is sometimes a little rude, just like Glik was, and in dangerous situations he prefers an old-fashioned sweep rather than taking unnecessary risks. There is also a certain similarity between Schuurs and Glik in certain physical characteristics: blond hair, broad shoulders and 190 centimeters in height that make both players difficult to beat on hand-to-hand duels.

The Dutch can still grow

The Polish defender also had a bad habit, that of scoring frequently from corner actions or indirect free kicks. In the last market session, Torino lost two players, Bremer and Izzo, who have repeatedly been able to push the ball to the bottom of the opponent’s net in recent years, it is now up to Schuurs to collect this legacy to get even closer to the former captain: the Dutch defender, however, also seems to have all the right cards to grow and do even better than Glik.

Andrea Pinamonti and Perr Schuurs in Torino-Sassuolo 0-1
Andrea Pinamonti and Perr Schuurs in Torino-Sassuolo 0-1

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