Hi Sápmi: “Sápmi lea mu ruoktu ja eanan”

Maid Sápmi dutnje mearkkaša?

– Sápmi lea mu ruoktu ja eanan. Dáppe lean šaddan bajás ja leat ollu muittut mat čuvvot mu mielde olles eallima.

Mii lea buoremus leahkit sápmelaš?

– Mis lea nanu kultuvra ja lean illolaš go mus lea seilon mu eatnigiella, davvisámigiella. Lean maid beassan oahppat nu olu diŋggaid maid eai juohkehas beasa oahppat. Birgen bures meahccis ja duoddaris ja oahpahan dan mu mánáide.

Gii lea du ovdagovva?

– I have a son and a wife.

Maid leat álo hálidan almmolaččat dadjat, muhto it leat dahkan ovdal go dal?

– Then gal in dieđe?

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