hicks! Photo blunder at Simone Ballack – “The first measure was probably too strong”

hicks! Photo blunder at Simone Ballack |

“The first beer was probably too strong after all”

Beautiful celebrities cavort at the Oktoberfest.

Including Simone Mecky-Ballack (46), the ex-wife of football hero Michael Ballack (45). She was with her friend, presenter Alessandra Geissel (40), and showed her followers via Instagram post.

But something didn’t seem right about the photo…

In front of a candy stand, the two posed in a friendly manner in front of the camera – in traditional costume. Both wore ankle boots.

This is where the space-time continuum seems to bend

Photo: Simone Mecky-Ballack/Instagram

But hold on! If you look down on the photo, you will immediately believe that you have drunk a measure too much. The straight line in the background blurs, the ground falls away in the area of ​​Simone’s booties – as if she were standing in a kind of depression.

What was the good girl doing there? That’s what many fans asked in the comment column. Simone promptly posted the photo again. This time a version without editing, one with and one with a zoom on the fail spot.

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Simone writes: “So, for the super experts, hair-in-the-soup seekers and everyone who has nothing else to do. Does the ‘Hörzu’ still have the error image search function? Then please buy one.”

She explains with lots of laugh emojis: “I actually wanted to retouch my bruises on my legs. The first measure was probably too strong. I don’t need to make my legs thinner and I would have preferred to have my water stains from the pouring rain retouched. But keep looking for mistakes.”

Simone probably used the wrong tool to retouch the bruises.

Because they could still be seen on the edited photo…

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