Hideo Kojima seems to have already played Logitech G x Tencent Cloud Console

The Tokyo Game Show 2022 was an opportunity for many major players in the video game industry to meet. This was particularly the case of Phil Spencer and Hideo Kojima with their particularly publicized meeting throughout the weekend, and one of the photos allowed us to see a rather interesting element.

The console of Tencent and Logitech already in the hands of Kojima

This summer, we were talking about a portable console dedicated to cloud gaming in preparation by Logitech and Tencent. The information was rather meager, but the console finally leaked with first images at the end of August. No possible release date or price has been mentioned, but this weekend, we were able to get a real glimpse of it.

Indeed, Hideo Kojima was photographed playing with the portable console of Logitech and Tencent alongside Phil Spencer and what appears to be one of their collaborators. Could this mean that the console is ready to be announced and that a presentation is imminent? This is what we can hope for to finally learn more about this portable device dedicated to cloud gaming.

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