Hideo Kojima teases his next project in images

He is one of those developers who prefer to make sure to send a clear and limpid message, without leaving room for interpretation. And then there is Hideo Kojima.

Two months to the day after the release of the Director’s Cut version of Death Stranding, players might expect the cryptic Hideo Kojima to take some rest and / or distance while waiting to find out what happens next. It would be really bad to know the character and his legendary propensity to constantly tease about his current projects.

Pierrot the blur

It is therefore on a famous social network that the interested party posted a photo that cleverly plays with the depth of field to maintain a blur that we may or may not qualify as artistic:

I recently changed the plans and the script, and experimented with everything else.

Physiognomists and other Sunday analysts will no doubt try to guess who the silhouette is passing in front of Hideo Kojima’s lens, and some of our colleagues (already) risk citing the name of a certain Norman Reedus, even with so few elements.

The rest may surprise you

It must be said that the actor who played the character of Sam Porter Bridges in 2019 recently let himself go, saying “that a second Death Stranding was in negotiation”, even if one imagines that the road will still be long, especially on foot. A few days earlier, it was Hideo Kojima himself who spoke aloud of the fruit of his thoughts:

I want to create a game that can transform in real time. May people of all ages and backgrounds be able to play the same game all over the world, but it will change depending on where you live, or how you feel.

The most cautious will wonder if this single clich√© is related to the launch of the new branch of Kojima Productions entirely dedicated to “television, music and film production, and which should “extend the reach of the intellectual properties of Kojima Productions to integrate them into popular culture”. Does this mean that the cast of Death Stranding could once again embody a singular gallery of characters in front of the camera? We’ll let you discuss that in the comments below.

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