Highlights Chihuahua in reprobate cops

Highlights Chihuahua in reprobate cops

Juarez City.- The six percent of the members of the Municipal Police of the state of Chihuahua that resulted as “failed” in the trust control exams, is the third highest proportion among the local corporations of the six northern border entities.

According to federal government data updated to January 31, in Baja California three percent of the 5,423 municipal agents who had to be evaluated failed; one percent in Coahuila and two percent in Nuevo León.

Higher than the proportion of those who did not pass in Chihuahua, official information shows, are eight percent among local police officers in Sonora and up to 27 percent in Tamaulipas.

The figures appear in the most recent “Confidence control evaluation of the personnel of the Professional Career Service of Public Security institutions” published on the website of the National Center for Certification and Accreditation of the federal Government.

The six percent of municipal councils failed here –out of an “assessable universe” of 5,642 and which corresponds, in rounded figures, to 339 employees from various localities–, is also the highest figure that resulted from the evaluation of different agencies in Chihuahua.

“The number of non-approved includes all the Municipal Public Security Directorates of each municipality,” the State Attorney General’s Office responded yesterday, on which the State Center for Evaluation and Confidence Control depends, source of the results of the entity disseminated to Nacional level.

Yesterday, this medium published figures obtained based on the aforementioned federal report, which indicates that five percent of the elements of the State Public Security Secretariat did not pass -or 92 agents, in a rounded amount-; another five percent of the personnel assigned to prevention and social reintegration tasks –74 members– and one percent of those of the administration of justice, that is, 30.

“Those who are not approved can be re-evaluated because that is what the law establishes. A separation procedure is initiated for the rest, taking care of their guarantee of hearing and due process, “added the FGE yesterday.

The official information on these tests –psychological, toxicological, antecedents and others– says that “the results of trust control have proven to be an important tool to assess the entry, permanence and promotion” of public security personnel.

“Under this premise, the result is not the definitive factor, the decision must be derived from the analysis of all the elements provided by the areas of Internal Control, Human Resources, Internal Affairs, Trust Control and Investigation of the institutions themselves, as well as the information contained in the labor file of the evaluated person”, he adds.

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