Highway Code, in 2023 risk heavier penalties

Starting from January 2023 the amounts of penalties for any violations of the Highway Code could suffer a price increase. The alarm is sounded as a result of the very high inflation rates.

By December 1st of each two-year period, the Minister of Justice together with the Ministers of Economy and Finance, and of Infrastructure and Transport, set the new limits of administrative fines, which apply from January 1st of the following year. It is precisely on this aspect that the president of the parliamentary consumer inquiry commission, Simone Baldelli, draws attention, reiterating that the Government should intervene timely to curb the increases and avoid further price increases which would affect motorists.

Article 195 provides that the amount of administrative fines is updated every two years by an amount equal to the entire variation, ascertained by Istat, of the consumer price index for blue-collar and white-collar families which occurred in the previous two years, underlines Baldelli.


Following the complaint of the president of the parliamentary commission of inquiry into consumers, the alarm of the same consumer associations.

In Italy, municipalities collect over 3 billion euros every year thanks to fines, money that should be destined for road safety involving citizens, but which often ends up covering the budget gaps of local administrations. We expect the Meloni government to block any increases that would only benefit cash transactions. Rather, bad behavior is dissuaded by extending the points driving license system to minor infractions, declared president Furio Truzzi.

According to Codacons estimates, the sanctions would be set to increase by11%. In detail, the fine for the Do not stop would rise from 42 to 46 eurosthe one for using the cell phone while driving from 165 to 183 eurosfor forbidden access to the Ztl from 83 to 92 eurosfor overcoming the speed limits of more than 60 km/h from 845 to 938 euros.

In view of these forecasts, and following Simone Baldelli’s request, however, the Government would seem to be already working to study some solutions.

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