Higuaín, spicy when remembering Sabella: ”The friends’ club reached the world final”

“The club of friends reached the world final. If we had been champions, we would have been the glory, but since it didn’t happen, it didn’t help,” answered Gonzalo Higuaín about the process of the National Team that ended in Brazil 2014.

And when evoking Alejandro Sabella, coach of that World Cup, he highlighted: “Sabella is a teacher. Calmness, temperance and affection for the player.” And he defined it as a moment, “indelible from my memory thanks to the harmony he gave”.

In a note with Líberto, from TyC Sports, the ‘Pipa’ talked about everything: also about the criticism, Marcelo Gallardo, Julián Álvarez, his achievements and the ‘Scaloneta’.

Your achievements, in first person

Tweet from TyC Sports

Gonzalo Higuaín and the comparison with the Scaloneta

“Before this generation they asked us to pass the quarterfinals and now they ask you to be champion and who put that stick, we who played three finals”.

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