Hike through the Remstal: At the German Hiking Day, the shoes are laced again

Fellbach (dpa/lsw)
The desire to hike has increased during the pandemic, and popular trails are very popular. The German Hiking Association wants to use this and hopes for new members through the hiking day in the Remstal.

Until the coming weekend, the German Hiking Association (DWV) wants to use the momentum of the annual hiking day and get people excited about the trails in the regions as well as membership in the hiking clubs.

After the start of the hiking and framework programme Last weekend in Fellbach and in the Remstal east of Stuttgart, the 121st German Hiking Day is scheduled to open on Thursday (7 p.m.), but the association will already take stock on Wednesday (11 a.m.). Until Sunday (August 7th) the Remstal wants to present itself with more than 200 mostly accompanied hikes, tours or city tours.

Tendency of people goes back to nature

Information is provided, among other things, about the Kernener Schafwanderweg, which focuses on four endangered sheep breeds over four kilometers. Hikes also lead to the Jewish traces of the Remseck, health hikes, twelve-hour hikes and evening wine walks, hikes to legendary places, “Bike and Hike” as well as a “Night of the Bakery Houses” and topics such as “Art and Wine”.

According to the association, the German Hiking Day is the largest hiking event in the world. For more than 120 years, the DWV has been inviting people to a region together with a member association. “Hiking day capital” this year is Fellbach at the foot of the 470 meter high Kappelberg. At the hiking day in Bad Wildungen in northern Hesse, only around 3,000 hikers were counted last year due to the severe corona restrictions. The year before, the event had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

Wanderlust will probably continue

According to DWV President Hans-Ulrich Rauchfuss, the desire to tie your shoes will continue even after the corona pandemic. “There is a tendency that people want to go back to nature, that they are looking for balance and diversity,” he explained on the sidelines of the hiking day. The climate crisis and high petrol prices could also convince people to hike, according to Rauchfuss.

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