Historic Peruvian player surrenders at the feet of Gabriel Costa

Gabriel Costa is in his best year at a football level: breaking it in Colo Colo and being one of the most important in Gustavo Quinteros’ team, also being considered by the Peruvian team.

That is why in the Inca country they are choked with his good performance and several historical ones ask him as a starter for the next qualifying date for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

If there is a former Peruvian player who can talk about his team, it is José Soto Gómez, idol of the neighboring country and of Sporting Cristal. The third player with the most appearances in the Peruvian national team praised Gabriel Costa.

“The quality that Gabriel has is unquestionable. In Sporting Cristal and in Alianza Lima he played very well and against Brazil he was one of the best, he played little, but he made merits and performed the best. He is having a good level there in Chile and is very important for the National Team “, detailed to En Cancha.

He further added that, “Adaptation is very important. In the first games he did not go well, but then he had a good preseason with which the whole team improved. It was fundamental in raising him and Colo Colo, they have good players and for something they are in the first place”.

Gabriel Costa in Colo Colo

Finally, he asked for ownership for the next matches. “Gabriel Costa has the conditions to be a starter, for something he is called to the National Team. It is very important to play at a good level in Chile and more so in a team like Colo Colo. It is complicated because André Carrillo is having a good time in that sector , but Gabriel Costa can play in different positions “, he sentenced.

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