History of the World Cup: when France wore the colors of Algeria

During the 1978 World Cup in Argentina, more precisely on June 10, 1978, the French were preparing to play the third group match against Hungary. But unable to play with their jerseys, they found their happiness in a small fishing club.

During the 1978 World Cup played in Argentina, the French team of Batheney, Lacombe, Platini or Rocheteau, was eliminated from the first round in a group made up of Argentina, Italy and Hungary. On June 10, 1978, in Mar De Plata, she was about to play the last group match against Hungary. A match without stake between two teams already eliminated after losing the first two games. Coach Michel Hidalgo had, moreover, decided to play several substitute players.

Indeed, at 1 p.m. local time, while the 22 players in the match are warming up, players and spectators realize a serious problem: the two antagonists are all wearing white jerseys. The referee of the meeting, Mr. Armando Coelho, decides to clarify this matter. He tells the French camp that he was supposed to play the match with blue jerseys.

The problem is not that serious. It is enough for one of the two teams to change shirts. Alas, the France team does not have the second jersey, already in the suitcases which must return to France. We will have to find solutions to defuse the bomb a few minutes before the start of the match.

When France wears a jersey similar to that of Algeria

In the aftermath, a squad of bikers is sent into the city center. Her mission was to find colorful jerseys. The bikers return immediately with white jerseys striped with green. Indeed, it was in a small suburban club, Atlético Kimberley, that they found their happiness. Club founded and animated for a long time by fishermen from the region and who agreed to lend them swimsuits.

White jerseys striped with green, similar to those of the Algerian team at the time. In other words, and seeing the teammates of Michel Platini on the ground, we believe that it is the national team of Algeria and not that of France. The scene arouses the astonishment of the public present, but that does not prevent the Blues from winning with the score of 3-1.

The day after the match, Henri Patrelle, manager at the FFF, declared: “It’s my fault… It’s a regrettable incident, for which I am solely responsible. At least, they won’t be able to penalize me by amputating part of my salary, since I am a volunteer…”. It must be said that the incident has become funny over time, especially with this green and white jersey worn on June 10, 1978…

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