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A new candidate for the Twitter successor race is emerging: Hive is trending. Absurdly, “trendet” actually means that it is also discussed a lot on Twitter, which is actually supposed to replace it. Hive means beehive. So now there are birds, mammoths and bees on the runway. And what’s almost as dubious as Elon Musk? Founders who are completely unknown and want to stay. Imprint? none. Still: Hive is chic. So let’s look at the service.

Where does Hive come from?

You don’t know anything specific. On the website It is said that someone named Raluca was frustrated with the way other social networks worked – especially the algorithms – and founded the new platform in 2019. It is operated by TheHive Inc. “Raluca started Hive as a heart project in the bedroom and taught itself how to code.” In 2021, at least one developer is said to have joined. Sounds almost too good to be true.

How do I sign up for Hive?

At first there was only an iOS app, the Android app is still in beta, so it’s not fully developed yet. In the browser you can only read how Hive works, there is no desktop version. You can use your Apple or Google account to log in and actually create an email address and password. However, there is currently a problem. Alternatively, a telephone number is required via which a code is sent. It worked for us. Sender is Google. Google Play Services Firebase Analytics is also listed in the terms of use.

You enter your profile name, username and date of birth, you have several pronouns to choose from, and if you like, you can release your zodiac sign. According to the homepage, it is planned that music and color templates will be added to the profiles. This is inevitably reminiscent of MySpace. According to the community guidelines, the Apple Music API is already used for the music.

How many people are on Hive?

There’s a lot of talk about Hive on other social networks right now. In fact, just a few hours ago, the creators posted on Twitter, among other things, that 1 million people are now registered. The number is likely to increase rapidly at the moment.

How do I find content on Hive?

During registration you have to choose at least three topics that you are interested in. In the start screen, the beehive leads you to it Discover. Various feeds appear here, listed according to interest: trending, For you, new, Music, tech, cars and so forth. Comics and manga are obviously trending at Hive at the moment. In my tech feed I can also find homemade keyboards.

What content can be found on Hive?

Unlike Twitter, feeds and search results can be filtered by type: just images, then Hive looks like Instagram’s overview, images with text correspond roughly to the Instagram feed, and only text then looks more like Twitter. However, there is no algorithm that determines the order, feeds are chronological.

Posts can be hearts, forward and comment, as well as share. about a plus can create your own posts, a Bell jar lists notifications. Everything is very clear and intuitive. You can also mark your own posts as NSFW (Not Safe For Work), they will then only be displayed with a further click.

Is Hive political?

At least Hive has made it clear that Donald Trump and Andrew Tate won’t get a seat. It is said that “white supremacists” will also be deleted. In addition, one can also describe the choice of pronouns as political.

Posts can be reported just like in other social networks. After an examination they will be deleted. How two people want to take over the entire moderation remains unclear.

Are there already official accounts?

It doesn’t look like it so far. Hive is still dominated by private individuals.

Does Hive cost money?

Not yet. There is also no known donation account or advertising. How the service is financed is also completely unclear.

Is Hive even allowed to act like this?

Well, there should actually be an imprint, the Telemedia Act applies to Hive. The moderation must also be secured – this is actually a prerequisite for getting into the app stores. For example, Donald Trump struggled with his Truth Social to have enough moderation capacity and technology to get it approved by the Google Play Store. If more than two million people from Germany register, the NetzDG applies to social media.

Can Hive overtake Mastodon?

The advantage of Hive is the intuitive operation and the somehow prettier appearance. Also, the service is English-language and could attract more people, media, and other official accounts originating from the US and around the world. Mastodon has so far attracted a lot of German-speaking audiences, but not exclusively.

While Mastodon is already groaning under the current onslaught with more than 3000 servers, Hive is likely to have serious problems if thousands of users are suddenly added. Although we don’t know who actually provides the technology.

What we do know is that many social networks have gone as quickly as they came, such as Clubhouse. And some others don’t even take off, such as the WT Social by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.


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