Hogares de Virasoro: The complaint ensures that there are no electronic bracelets for the control of the accused

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 | 8:55 a.m.

The former director of the Rincón de Luz and María de Nazareth homes, Sonia Andrea Prystupczuk, appeared to testify on April 25. And since April 29 she has been serving house arrest (due to lack of space for a woman in Police Station I), which should be carried out with the control of the electronic bracelet, according to the judge of Guarantees Silvia Erika Benítez.

The latter would not be happening since, according to the complaint, it was reported from the Monitoring Center for People Under Electronic Surveillance that there are no electronic control devices in existence. It is expected, as reported by that agency to the Corrientes Penitentiary Service, that in the next few days the shortage will be resolved, since at this time the procedures are being carried out to obtain more devices.

Prystupczukse is charged with aggravated cover-up for sexual abuse, illegal coercion, and abuse of authority.

“It is unusual… (Prystupczuk) She cannot be detained because there is no room at the police station, and she does not have an electronic bracelet on because there are no bracelets. It is unusual, ”said the plaintiff attorney Eduardo Etchegaray regarding the current situation of the former coordinator of the Virasoro children’s homes, the only one detained for the cause of mistreatment, abuse and death in those institutions under her charge.

The following complaints fall on her: Failure to comply with the duties of a public official, carried out in April 2021 by a former caregiver. In addition to two other complaints of child abuse and mistreatment, in which more than 30 minors who suffered harassment in said institutions declared, and the other for the death of Claudio Flores (found dead on February 22 last), whose body was exhumed for the performance of the autopsy, whose report has not yet been released due to a judicial measure filed.

On the other hand, Etchegaray confirmed that last Friday (5/6) they seized Sonia Prystupczuk’s cell phone, at the request of the lawsuit, and pointed out that from her place she requested several tests that she still cannot disclose, and that they also continue to waiting for the result of the autopsy performed on the body of the young Claudio Flores.

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