Hogares de Virasoro: two months after the second autopsy, they are still waiting for the results

Tuesday June 21, 2022 | 4:39 p.m.

“The time that has passed since the exhumation of the body is striking and we still do not have the results, not only of the autopsy but of the phones that were seized in a timely manner to find out what happened that day with Claudio,” said Eduardo Etchegaray, plaintiff attorney at the case “Hogares de Virasoro” that investigates alleged abuse of minors, violence towards the boys housed and even the death of the minor Claudio Florez.

“The case deserves that justice give it priority because here there is a death of a boy in a children’s home. And the fact is very serious. And as a result of the death, the abuse and mistreatment received by the boys who passed through were also discovered. the address of Sonia Prystupczuk”, added the lawyer from Corrientes.

Regarding how the case continues, Etchegaray said: “We are waiting for the results of the tests. There are no more people to testify, there are no notifications. After the tests, surely several will have to give explanations. We want the truth to be known soon quickly and swiftly. We ask for justice.”

Another of the questions surrounding the case of the Hogares de Virasoro is the figure of the former coordinator of the devices for minors. “Why so much care towards Prystupczuk? She is still at home, receiving her salary and with all the comforts”, he questioned and in that line he stated that “in the case of the doubtful death of Claudio Florez there are still no accused, but many those responsible who should have watched over his life”.

Patricia Ramos, who leads the request for Justice, remarked: “Here the fatal victim is Claudio, but all the children who lived in the custody of the home are survivors, they went hungry, suffered punishment, confinement and abuse. And they still continue to do so. This is not over.”

“These officials continue with their lives paid for by everyone, but the children sometimes do not even have enough to eat. JosuĂ©, Claudio’s younger brother, needs a therapeutic companion but they cannot pay for it, many are their traumas, the costs of the psychologist and food The newspapers are paid for by the solidarity of the neighbors. The victims have zero assistance, that is, incredibly, they continue to be abandoned by the State,” he lamented.

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