Hogwarts Legacy, new video: the magic of autumn in 20 minutes of ASMR scenes

The summer reflections of the Hogwarts Legacy ASMR video are followed by the magical autumnal atmospheres of the latest video proposed by WB Games and Avalanche to immerse us in the placid open world settings of the new adventure linked to the Harry Potter IP.

The new trailer packaged by the Canadian subsidiary of WBIE resumes strictly in-engine scenes, and therefore representative of the gaming experience that awaits us in February on PC and console, to offer us a small taste of the “crisp autumn air that you breathe during a quiet morning” to spend walking in lands that extend beyond Hogwarts castle.

After giving us an insight into the magical combat system of Hogwarts Legacy, the developers of the latest interactive experience immersed in Wizarding World of Harry Potter they invite us to relax by listening to the ambient noises of the places that we will be able to explore freely in the role of our aspiring wizard.

In leaving you with the latest Hogwarts Legacy ASMR video, we remind those who follow us that the launch of the fantasy adventure by WB Games and Avalanche is scheduled for February 10th on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, as well as on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in an optimized version for the latest generation Sony and Microsoft consoles.

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