Holiday destinations: Autumn holidays: What are the prices and what’s last minute?

Off to the south, away from the wet and cold: This is what the ideal autumn holidays look like for many. Sometimes there are still bargains.

The summer holidays are hardly over in the last federal states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, when the autumn holidays are just around the corner elsewhere: North Rhine-Westphalia will start in just under two weeks, on October 4th.

There is good news for everyone who decides on the spur of the moment: If you still want to book a holiday for autumn, you can still count on stable prices despite inflation and rising energy costs, as a survey of large German tour operators suggests. And there are still bargains in some cases – especially if you are not set on very specific goals.

In autumn, people prefer to stay warm, and this year is no exception. According to information from the travel industry, Greece, Turkey, Spain and Egypt are in high demand.

“In particular, Crete, Rhodes and Kos as well as the Turkish Riviera are currently experiencing very good demand and are continuing the strong trend of the summer,” says Tui Germany boss Stefan Baumert.

Bargains possible – an organizer dampens expectations

Turkey and Egypt offer particularly good value for money, writes Alltours. And: If you are a bit flexible with travel dates and locations, you can still find “real last-minute bargains” for Spain and Greece. According to Alltours, there is still sufficient hotel and flight capacity available for all destinations during the autumn holidays.

According to product manager Sven Schikarsky, Dertour and its sister brands Jahn Reisen, ITS and Meiers Weltreisen still have sufficient capacity. Families could find bargains in Tunisia in particular.

Schikarsky gives classic advice: If you want to travel to very specific destinations and have precise ideas about the hotel and room category, you should book early. Last minute often means having to make compromises.

The Munich organizer FTI dampens the expectations of those who decide spontaneously: There are certainly last-minute offers, but you have to be flexible. “Popular and well-demanded houses have long been fully booked.” In principle, according to FTI, there will hardly be any bargains, because the occupancy rate is very good on the hotel and flight side – especially during the holidays.

The autumn holidays are generally popular dates and therefore very well booked, according to Aida Cruises. The shipping company would recommend the ships “Aida Nova” and “Aida Cosma” to families, on which there are still travel options in October.

Why prices will probably remain stable in autumn

Traveling has become a bit more expensive over the past few years. At Tui, the average travel price in summer 2022 rose by 18 percent compared to the pre-Corona travel year 2019 – this is evident from the summer season booking figures that have now been presented. Winter holidaymakers would also have to dig much deeper into their pockets on average for bookings in November and December than in 2018/2019. According to Tui, vacationers tend to opt for higher quality trips and longer vacations.

According to the organizers, however, it is not to be expected that the prices will rise again in the short term due to the current developments. The reason is that contracts for hotels and flights were largely negotiated many months ago at the conditions applicable at the time.

At Alltours, for example, the last-minute prices are roughly at the level of last autumn and will “not change significantly”. At Dertour and its sister brands, the price picture is “stable” during the autumn holidays. FTI reports that short-term effects are not foreseeable.

The first noticeable effects of the current developments on travel prices could come in winter. Tui had recently recorded some rising prices for this travel time. (dpa)

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