Homicide in Santa Ana: “Three shots were heard and then he fell to the ground”

Monday, September 19, 2022 | 12:05 p.m.

After the tragic death of Daniel Sánchez (20), in the humble Martín Chico neighborhood of Santa Ana, the family denies that the young man was shot when he entered to steal and they affirm that the attack was due to a conflict between neighbors.

In dialogue with Here we tell you by Radioactiva 100.7, Sandro, brother of the victim, detailed what happened at dawn on Sunday.

“He never came to the neighbors’ house as they say, he went out into the street and there three shots were heard and then he fell to the ground and died,” Sandro said.

According to the brother, the problem between the neighbors arose a few weeks ago at a street crossing between one of the detainees Sergio MB (29) and the youngest of the brothers, who is working in Corrientes.

“Apparently the anger remained, because they had threatened my other brother with death, not Daniel, they took it out on him,” he said, adding “he always shouted at home, this time they answered him, he went out into the street and there they attacked him.”

On the other hand, Sandro said that he seeks to dirty his brother’s name and stated that the police did not want him, “any little thing that happened they blamed him, and it was not like that,” he said.

While the police investigate what happened, those who would be allegedly responsible for the event, Sergio MB (29) and Juan I. (63), who were transferred to police headquarters, are currently in custody.

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