“Honkytonk Man”, country according to Dirty Harry

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So a pure Reagan emblem at the start of the 1980s (the Republican leader had just borrowed the “make my day” of Inspector Harry as an electoral campaign gimmick), Clint Eastwood operates with “Honkytonk man”, the archetype of the magnificent loser film, an about-turn which he loves. During the Great Depression, an alcoholic country singer (Clint) leaves his native Oklahoma, crosses the United States to audition for his last chance in Nashville. To escort him, a grandfather and a young nephew (Kyle Eastwood, his 14-year-old son).

The beauty of “Honkytonk Man” is due to this dependence that is established between the worn man and the mature boy: in the classic story of transmission that unfolds over the course of the road, Eastwood allows the balance of power to be reversed ( the kid turns out to be an outstanding lyricist), even dares to develop a slight amorous rivalry – a young wild girl joins the band halfway through. This subtlety, combined with his stellar performance as a singer, brought the manly superstar a shudder of critical recognition for his work as a director, long before his eventual canonization with “Ruthless” in 1992.

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Sunday June 12 at 11 p.m. on OCS Géants. American comedy-drama by Clint Eastwood (1983). With Clint Eastwood. 2:02. (Multicast and On Demand).

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